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Plant information management with zenon

Information management software can simplify collecting and analyzing the data from your food and beverage plant. With a plant information management system, you can easily keep track of your entire plant's data and oversee it through one accessible interface. Let your plant talk to you with zenon plant information management


The benefits of plant information management


Plant information management systems can give your business a holistic overview of your entire food and beverage plant. By integrating plant information management software, your business can improve your data normalization and standardization across heterogeneous production environments. Along with standardization, plant information management works to digitize your production data and increase departmental productivity and efficiency. When you invest in software for managing plant data, it helps you to accelerate your plant's production as all of your data is digitalized, centralized, analyzed and organized. 


Our digitalization layer allows for enhanced connectivity around your plant while allowing you to rapidly analyze your equipment data and eliminate losses due to inefficient paper tracking, unstandardized data and human error. Integrating plant information management software into your operation will allow your business to gain valuable insight into where your production is falling short, where you can save money and how you can increase your ROI. 

How zenon serves as a plant information management system

The zenon plant information management solution allows for fast integration of all of your food and beverage plant's data. In the past, combination of paper and digital tracking led to difficulties and errors as paper tracking proved inconvenient, slow and prone to mistakes. Today, zenon helps your plant digitize, centralize, analyze and organize your data to prevent errors and increase your ROI. Turn your data into actionable insights with the following features from zenon: 


  • Standard-based data collection: Combine your data into one hub and tap into the potential of centralized operational data storage.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting: Gain meaningful insight into your data with complex analysis and straightforward, thorough reporting.
  • High focus on connectivity and gateways: Connect and expand heterogeneous hardware and software landscapes and include gateways with ease. 
  • Dashboarding and alarming: Easily monitor and control all of your data in one place with zenon dashboarding and alarming. 
  • Message control: Avoid downtime and increase your equipment's productivity by quickly responding to messages and alarms through your phone. 
  • Reporting against KPIs: Rise to meet your plant's objectives by tracking and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • Make it easy to expand: Connect all of your heterogeneous production equipment in the comprehensive zenon interface. Start small and scale up as much as you like.


Take control of your data with zenon plant information management


Since 1987, COPA-DATA has worked to distill in-depth knowledge and expertise about the automation industry and data processing into our zenon Software Platform. Our plant information management solution is designed to streamline production processes and help you achieve and exceed your operational goals. To date, more than 175,000 businesses in 50 different countries have trusted zenon to manage their plants and increase their ROI. 


To learn more about zenon or inquire about COPA-DATA products, connect with our professionals online.  


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Plant Information Management: Optimizing Processes End to End

Plant Information Management: Optimizing...

Solution Leaflet

Plant Information Management: Optimizing Processes End to End

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