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Accurate and Reliable Reporting

Do you want to gain insights from existing data and exploit the full potential of your equipment?


zenon Report Engine is easy to install, configure and integrate with your existing equipment. It can retrieve, process and analyze data seamlessly from all the automated production segments of your equipment and from many other data sources (including manual entry). So you not only get information in real-time, but you also get the full picture when it comes to the status and productivity of your facility.


  • Improve your efficiency in production
  • Optimize your energy and material consumption
  • Eliminate the waste of resources
  • Benefit from dynamic reports, customized to meet your needs
  • Calculate both default and company-specific KPIs
  • Create state of the art  benchmarks based on historical production data


Each and every report is based on high-quality data combined with the right metadata (e.g. shift plans, alarm/event classes, equipment models, etc.). With zenon Report Engine you can be confident that the data on which your decisions are based is correct.


Reports provided by zenon include OEEs (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), consumption analyses, alarm reporting, efficiency reports and much more. Create customized reports quickly and easily, and integrate company-specific KPIs or other information according to your needs.


Unnecessary and unexpected downtime is annoying – but it is avoidable. With predictive analysis options in zenon, you can tailor the maintenance of your equipment to your real requirements. This reduces costs over the long term and makes your production smarter.