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Ergonomics from individual adaptation

Ergonomics for the user [3/4]

Ergonomic operation of machines and equipment adapts flexibly to the requirements of the respective user. Important criteria here are the language, the units or the color palettes that are used to adapt the user interface to changing conditions. zenon applications can be adapted individually in Runtime. This way you ensure that all users can work with a configuration where they are safest and the most efficient.

Individual Adaptation

Fact Sheet

Individual Adaptation

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Individualization of the input

With zenon, there are various possibilities for individual inputs and controls for the user to create.

  • Individual keyboards that are tailored to the input requirements
  • Adaptable lists (e.g. own scroll bar)
  • Freely-definable filter dialogs
  • Input of recipe variables using process screens
  • Relative screen positioning (such as dialog opens at mouse/touch position)
  • Graphic display of alarm messages
  • Free frame shapes/transparent frames

You therefore reduce unnecessary complexity for the user and avoid misoperation.

Fast Facts

  • Individual input fields
  • Chameleon Technology
  • Language switch in Runtime
  • Unicode application

zenon Chameleon Technology

zenon Chameleon Technology provides individual skins for your visualizations with central, switchable color palettes. Skins support you for example when:

  • Designing a uniform style throughout several projects
  • Optimizing for color blindness
  • Adjustable contrast increase for panels subjected to a large amount of light

Pre-defined skins are easily switched in zenon Runtime with the click of a mouse. The operator can also switch fonts, languages and measuring units online.

Internationality in runtime

The Runtime offers language and unit of measure switching in as many variations as desired. This way, machinery and projects can be internationalized at the press of a button – customer engineers around the world can orient themselves immediately. All texts, including those in the standard dialogs, can be switched online.

Flexibility as a unicode application

As a a complete Unicode application, Asian languages and Arabic can be used without any problems. Even the font and its characteristics (size, font type) can be switched with the language. By switching the language, the paths for other language-related files such as HTML pages, sounds and video files, and project-related help are automatically switched. Changes in the language tables can be transferred to the target system without stopping the Runtime. Different "language engines" are even at your disposal for the audio response via the "Message Control" module.

Help system for runtime

You can easily define context-sensitive help for projects that are running in the zenon Editor. User-generated facility layouts, project descriptions, as well as existing product handbooks from third-party producers, can be effortlessly integrated into the project and where the user wants. The support system is based on the standard Windows Compiled HTML Format (CHM).