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Production & Facility Scheduler

Production & Facility Scheduler

The scheduling of production processes should be exact, flexible and easy to configure. The Production & Facility Scheduler (PFS) is fully integrated into zenon. This factory calendar controls equipment and production processes precisely, depending on the date, time, event and production status. For equipment with heavy consumption, considerable savings (for example, in energy consumption) can be achieved using it.

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Fact Sheet

Production and Facility Scheduler (PFS)

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The zenon production & facility scheduler (PFS)

The PFS executes user-defined actions at fixed or relative switching times. For example, it can call up a function or set target values. These actions are executed once or cyclically, depending on their definition. They are carried out at a fixed point in time or are defined relatively. Relative times such as start/end of production, pauses or start/end of shift are combined with the zenon time models (for example, a 40 hour week). The execution times are then calculated from this. Which time-related actions are linked and the manner in which they are linked is specified in the schedules. Subschedules automatically contain the times of the superordinate schedule and can be expanded with their own time model. The calendar links the time models with the schedules and displays them in a clear form.

Fast Facts

  • Complete integration into zenon
  • Can be configured in the zenon Editor or in zenon Runtime
  • Fully networkable
  • Redundant execution
  • Can be configured flexibly and expanded
  • Comprehensive issue of user rights

Central control of complete factories

zenon makes it very easy to control an entire factory with the PFS. For this, units belonging together are grouped to the equipment: e.g. the buildings of a production facility. Constructional or production-related situations are logically replicated in this way.


zenon Scheduler

Basic functions of the PFS are already included as standard in zenon as the “zenon Scheduler”. The scheduler offers a clearly structured overview, in calendar form, via a comfortable user interface. The scheduler is network capable and fully integrated into the redundancy concept.