Individual strengths within a team

What makes a great team:

Each member of a team has their own strengths as well as sharing the things that bind the team together. However, a team’s goal – and maybe even their attitude to work – should ideally be the same: for us, that’s summed up by our ambition to “challenge perfection!” When it comes to personal character, skills or know-how, everyone brings something different to our team. This way, we can achieve excellent results by celebrating our individual abilities, our diversity and our lifelong learning potential.


This is how our virtual little helpers were conceived. We had a good think about our teams and the strengths they have and created representative cartoon characters for each. Their names, qualities and looks should be taken with a certain tongue in cheek attitude; we’ve purposely not chosen a specific ethnic group or gender and the personal traits of these great helpers have been exaggerated when comparing them with our real-life team members. Incidentally, their look is down to the fantastic creative ideas of VerVieVas.




Meet Stratego; the planner who is responsible for most of the team’s important decisions. Stratego is extremely organized. Willing to listen to suggestions and with the utmost foresight, Stratego gives the team direction and develops more rapid workflows. Stratego is always willing to lend a hand, trusts the team, and supports wherever possible.



Career Cartoon



Next, is our Agilo – a breath of fresh air, a real motivator who is full of ideas. Agilo is on the ball when it comes to trying out and getting to know innovative technologies. Always keen to learn and willing to give unconventional input, Agilo loves to become acquainted with new topics and is reliable in the ability to master them.





Engineero is the team’s rock. Engineero is a real clever-clogs, but in the nicest sense. With perseverance and a constant desire to learn the latest technologies, this figure is happy to share any new-found knowledge with teammates. When others say there is no way to achieve a task or it is definitely too complicated, Engineero will calmly think things through and find a solution.




Career Polaroid



Finally, we have Creativo who is our free spirit and is always coming up with innovative ideas. This character may be a bit chaotic, but is full of new insights and solution concepts. When the rest of the team may be lost for words, Creativo has the skill to use humor and enthusiasm to help others appreciate the upside. And when nobody else can do so, Creativo is able to see the most complex of topics as a simple vision.





Just as our teams in real-life, our virtual colleagues collaborate to reach a mutual goal. They sure have a positive way of looking at life and at their work. And they enjoy using their individual skills. Fitting for our motto: Challenge perfection with us!


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