Design IT/OT convergence with zenon IIoT Services

International companies operate with geographically dispersed facilities and locations that can vary greatly in terms of infrastructure. Complex or vulnerable VPN installations frequently contribute to inaccurate data exchange. zenon IIoT Services offers a cloud-based and scalable alternative to help customers navigate IT/OT challenges.


  • Informative analyses of cross-location data
  • Security for web or cloud-based data exchange
  • Flexibility, independence and scalability
  • Simple interfaces to third-party applications for further data use



With zenon IIoT Services, performance at different company locations worldwide can be compared in real time – without a VPN connection.



A central hub for your data

To enable control, monitoring and analysis across locations, a central point is needed to collect and distribute the necessary data. IIoT Services by zenon bring together data across distributed corporate structures in the zenon Data Hub.


Live and historical data can be imported via the zenon Data Hub to a control center or centralized data storage. From there, data can be used for various purposes, such as comparing cross-location performance indicators, benchmarks, dashboards on mobile devices and much more. The recording process is stable and seamless, even if the Internet connection is lost. It is not necessary to set up a VPN connection.


IIoT Services by zenon ensure out-of-the-box setup of secure architectures through certificate-encrypted TLS connections, integrated authentication and authorization mechanisms, as well as individually definable read, write or configuration rights in line with existing security regulations.



The new possibilities of the IIoT

With zenon IIoT Services, your data is seamlessly available to you in one central location. The individual services support modern technologies for virtualization, such as Docker and Kubernetes. IIoT Services by zenon can be used on various cloud platforms because physical or virtual machines or virtual containers can serve as the basic system. This means that users remain platform-independent and scalability is always ensured. Applications from other providers can be connected flexibly via the API interface. This opens up many possibilities to combine the known benefits of zenon with those of the IIoT.


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