Efficient Project Maintenance

An extra tank is added to the production line at a drinks manufacturer. This tank also needs to be added to the visualization project. To do this, the project manager simply expands the project with symbols and functions, remotely imports the updates, and reloads the project. The display in the control room now shows the new tank and its current values. What’s more, operations didn’t have to be stopped once during the update.


  • Thanks to compatibility, projects can be maintained over the long term
  • Transparency in engineering
  • No more downtime during updates



efficient project maintenance

Changes and updates to the project take place in a central location or remotely using zenon Remote Desktop. Changes can then be transferred using Remote Transport. The Hot Reload function ensures that changes can be imported during live operation.



Project updates without any downtime

With zenon, you can maintain, modify, and update your projects with ease. Most importantly, your users don't have to experience a single minute of downtime. Projects are edited and updated from a central location and can even be tested using simulations before they go live. You can also engineer your projects remotely, meaning that service technicians don’t need to get called out anymore. Instead, they can enjoy speedy, secure access at any time thanks to zenon Remote Desktop. Any modifications to the project are transferred to the Service Engine computer using Remote Transport. Meanwhile, the Hot Reload function allows updates to be imported during operations – without a single interruption or second of downtime.



Smooth, simple project updates with zenon

zenon provides you with an easy way to maintain, modify, and update your projects. Seamless project versioning ensures that any modifications to the project can be traced. Because projects are configured and not programmed, they don’t generate huge quantities of obscure code. All properties can be configured in a clear overview. The project remains easy to maintain, even when a key developer leaves the team.


Projects can expand, no matter which version they were created in. With every new version, project engineers benefit from the latest zenon technology, while still being able to maintain projects created using older versions of the software.