zenon Network Technology

Networks can be a troublesome issue for many project managers. Unstable systems and problems with the network configuration can be costly. However, there is one easy way to create a stable, functioning network – with zenon. What's more, you can do it without any programming and in a very short space of time. Simply tick the network, enter the computer, and – if you want – select your redundancy configuration.


  • Speedy and secure network configuration
  • Server-client configuration at the touch of a button
  • Exceptionally stable network performance
  • Flexible network architectures


zenon network technology

With zenon, you can configure secure network architectures with ease, even for the most complex models. Redundant systems can be implemented straight out-of-the-box.



Flexible and robust

With zenon, creating a network for your automation project is easy and secure. Even the most complex of topologies can be configured in a clear and effective manner. You won’t need to program a single line of code. zenon networks are stable, secure, and robust right from the outset. A wide array of properties allow the network to be configured carefully to meet the demands of the project and environment in question.



Secure configuration for complex network architectures

zenon networks are always easy to configure, no matter how complex they are. It takes just a few clicks to assign the roles of server, standby server, and client to your computers – allowing you to create both conventional client-server structures and secure complex multi-hierarchical models.


zenon monitors all network conditions to guarantee effective performance and provide reliable protection against unwanted data loss. High-quality encryption and client authentication in the network provide secure communication. Thanks to the built-in user administration function, you can prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized user actions. And, of course, you can integrate with your existing Active Directory services for this purpose.


All zenon modules work automatically with your configured network solution.