Out-of-the-box Usability

The working environment of a production line should be as efficient and ergonomic as possible in order to support optimum performance while also significantly reducing errors. After all, users in an industrial environment expect the same high level of usability in their interfaces as that provided by standard tablets and smartphones. In other words, they want Multi-Touch functionality, operating safety, and an appealing screen design. And what provides all of this? zenon.


  • Design flexibility for project engineering
  • Simple application of intuitive operating concepts
  • A high degree of user satisfaction


zenon out of the box usability

zenon contains a number of useful functions to help you make sure your projects meet the latest usability standards.



User friendliness as a central component of ergonomics

An automation project not only needs to be functional, it is also expected to provide users with the optimum level of support for their job. For project engineers, this means implementing usability standards and incorporating the latest findings regarding user ergonomics. Luckily, zenon is here to help – making user-friendly design an integral part of any customer project. zenon does all of this with full flexibility and without any programming, and can even incorporate corporate branding specifications.



Outstanding usability with zenon

“What you see is what you get” starts in zenon Engineering Studio. Objects that you generate in the Engineering Studio appear exactly as they would in the finished project. Thanks to the practical zenon Styles, you only need to define object properties once before then transferring them throughout the project with just a single click of the mouse. You can adjust your designs from a central location, making it easy to apply consistent rendering throughout the entire project and beyond.


Symbols have already been prepared for many industries and are ready to use straight away. WPF elements and templates in line with the latest usability standards can be added to your project at just the touch of a button. You can also create, import, and export your own templates tailored precisely to the end users’ requirements.


zenon projects are easily adapted for Touch and Multi-Touch environments. For instance, zenon already contains native Multi-Touch gestures that you can add through simple configuration and without any extra programming.