Modernize Developed Structures with Ease

The company has grown considerably in recent years – and, in turn, so have its production structures. Machines from various manufacturers, perhaps even specialized custom machines, now need to work together seamlessly. The next investments have already been planned. But which PLCs are to be considered? Ultimately, the solution has to communicate with every piece of the puzzle. So which protocols does it support? And how complex is the necessary engineering work?


  • Freely select the most suitable hardware
  • Existing hardware can be integrated
  • Link together equipment in heterogeneous environments
  • Flexible integration of different plant areas
  • Overview of the entire production environment



Modernize Developed Structures with Ease

Thanks to the openness of zenon, nothing stands in the way of business growth. Production landscapes that are heterogeneous and have been added over time can be visualized and controlled using zenon. New facilities and components can be integrated without any problems.



Invest in established structures

PLCs, RTUs, energy meters, intelligent sensors – a whole host of hardware components are used at field level. Often, they communicate in proprietary protocols and therefore have to cooperate with each other perfectly. With zenon, you are free to choose which hardware you use. You create your plants to your requirements and zenon ensures reliable connectivity. This means that even heterogeneous production environments can be visualized and controlled in line with the latest standards. No device or machine needs to be replaced. zenon communicates with all components, provides you with an overview and control, and gives you a high level of investment security.


zenon speaks your language

zenon offers over 300 drivers and communication protocols, allowing it to connect to a wide range of different hardware options and to incorporate new machines as seamlessly as existing hardware. No matter whether you have the latest standard or an outdated proprietary protocol, zenon speaks the right language. Its flexible network solutions enable zenon to link new and existing equipment and be integrated into older production environments with ease.

All zenon drivers and protocols are developed and maintained by COPA-DATA in-house – and can also be expanded and enhanced on request. This doesn't just produce many advantages with respect to security and performance – it also increases flexibility. Customer requests can be fulfilled quickly and purposefully, leaving users free to use whichever hardware they want.