zenon Batch Control

There is market demand for individual products, often in small batches. This is a need that can easily be met when configurations can be changed quickly and directly at the plant in batch-based production. Flexibility and productivity increase when the shift manager is able to check and adapt recipes without any programming knowledge. This is true whether in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries.


  • Increase flexibility and diversity
  • Respond to rapidly changing market requirements
  • Create or modify batch recipes without programming knowledge
  • Validation efficiency and cost savings thanks to faster validation



batch control with zenon

zenon Batch Control offers an integrated reporting tool which allows you to obtain reports on completed batches at the touch of a button.



Flexibility brings efficiency in validation processes

zenon Batch Control makes flexibility possible even for companies operating in strictly regulated environments such as the pharmaceutical industry. zenon Batch Control was developed based on the standard ISA-88. Accordingly, the process for a batch recipe and the execution of the technological function on the machine are separated. This provides maximum flexibility and minimizes the amount of validation work required. Naturally, zenon Batch Control also meets the numerous requirements of ISA-88 with respect to quality assurance. As a result, zenon supports continuous improvement, enhances efficiency, and assures the quality of the products.



Simple handling and seamless integration

The graphical interface in zenon Batch Control guarantees intuitive operation. Batch processes are easy to create, modify, and launch without any programming. And while the processes are under way, the operator can see the current status of the recipe at any time. Batch documentation and reports can be called up at the touch of a button and batch releases can be issued promptly after completion.


As zenon is designed to be independent of any hardware, zenon Batch Control can also be used flexibly and irrespective of the control hardware that has been selected. Integrated seamlessly into zenon, the Alarm Management, Audit-Trail, Trends, and Reporting features are available for batch processes. In addition, there is a comprehensive user administration function, which can be controlled with fine granularity and meets the stringent FDA requirements.


With its ease of operation, high security, and the option to access recipes via API, zenon Batch Control enables you to adapt to changing market requirements quickly.