zenon as a DNP3 master/slave

High performance communication with zenon

The telecontrol protocol DNP3 – Distributed Network Protocol – is an established standard used by energy supply companies in many parts of the world. DNP3 is primarily used in the automation of substations (for example, transformers or voltage conversion stations) and control systems (for example, power station switchgear). zenon supports DNP3 comprehensively and can assume two roles during data transfer: the DNP3 master and the DNP3 slave. As a DNP3 master, zenon acquires data from subordinate units; as a DNP3 slave zenon provides data to superordinate units.

Combination of standards: DNP3 and IEC 61850

DNP3 is the de facto standard in the US energy market; however the European IEC 61850 standard is increasingly defined as a future benchmark for local communication. The IEC Standards are becoming more widely adopted; demand for the use of a combination of different standards together (for example, DNP3 and IEC 61850) is increasing. Process control systems must therefore adapt to a new challenge: parallel exchange of data, locally and over long distances - trouble-free and standardized.