Flexible and sustainable automation solutions

with independent software for the Food & Beverage Industry


The need for greater flexibility; the need to respond to demands for more traceability; the pressure to produce more, more quickly and at a lower cost; the need to integrate diverse systems and equipment from different manufacturers: it is beyond doubt that the demands of the dynamic Food & Beverage Industry are challenging. This makes it even more important to consider a number of essential factors when investing in automation products that can help to meet these requirements. One essential factor to consider is the degree of independence of the software you select for applications such as Production Line Management, Equipment Performance Monitoring or Consumption Management.

Independent Automation Software

White Paper

Independent Automation Software

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In order to benefit from the advantages an independent software solution can provide, we first need to understand the features such a technology should offer. Is an open software product automatically an ‘independent’ one? Or does it need to be extensible and versatile to deserve the label ‘independent’? Or, rather, is there a combination of various features that come together in truly independent software?


In his white paper, Emilian Axinia explains what to consider when looking for independence in an automation solution to ensure maximum benefit. He addresses three typical challenges an Automation team in a Food & Beverage Plant might face and considers the various options available to tackle them. These challenges are:

  1. The need to integrate diverse equipment within a Production Line Management System.
  2. The desire to reduce the risk of a long production downtime due to a damaged HMI panel on a packaging machine.
  3. The requirement to manage a cost-effective extension of an existing Consumption Management System across an entire Production Plant.

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