Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase overall equipment effectiveness with zenon

Companies in the Food and Beverage Industry are continually faced with the challenge of getting the maximum out of their existing equipment while market requirements are in constant change. In other words: to increase their Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness...

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with zenon

Being a universal, flexible and open software platform, zenon can contribute to an increase in overall equipment effectiveness.
Our industry Manager for Food & Beverage, Emilian Axinia, offers his tips regarding improvement of effectiveness and efficiency with zenon in his White Paper entitled “Increasing effectiveness in industrial F&B production”.

  • Increased production without further investment?
  • What can you expect from a software solution?
  • How can you implement an equipment performance system?

More details in this White Paper!

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with the zenon SCADA System

The solution is wide ranging and is relevant to all participants in the industry; whether end-users, integrators, or machine builders. Whether you have isolated machines, or integrated lines our production efficiency solution will help you optimize the effectiveness of your equipment.


Well known for delivering solutions that deliver value and require configuration rather than programming, our food and beverage production efficiency solution allows you to get more from existing investments by monitoring their effective utilization and their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). More information can be found about our solution in an associated publication, “Increasing effectiveness in industrial F&B production... from challenge to solution”, where issues are discussed in detail using real-world examples in the industry. The publication is an invaluable source of insight into the application of software techniques to produce advantages for operations, quality, maintenance and regulatory compliance. Readers will find much useful content to enable them to deliver tangible benefits to their businesses.


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