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Automated batch and brewing control with zenon


Brewery production is a complex art form involving many pieces of equipment and procedures that must work together seamlessly. zenon helps with a wide range of powerful features for automated batch control for breweries that enable the flexibility, consistency and efficiency you need in a creative production environment.





The benefits of automated batch production for breweries

Brewing is inherently batch-based, and zenon uses powerful Internet of Things technology to offer several other significant benefits to this type of production:


  • Flexibility to adapt to market demands: Whether you need to change your practices to meet your customers' latest tastes or federal requirements, zenon offers easy flexibility without exorbitant costs. It also provides high scalability, a necessity for any growing brewery to meet demands with automated batch production.
  • Consistent products: Manual operations are vulnerable to human error, but automation ensures consistency in each and every batch. zenon also delivers consistent monitoring for quality. Your customers can expect the same level of quality every time they crack open a drink, and federal agencies can expect compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Increased efficiency: Automation can meet production demands more efficiently than manual processes alone. In addition to improving the speed of physical production, zenon can also provide a range of insights, like visualization and analysis, that can help you find more ways to strengthen your operation.
  • Greater connectivity and control options through IoT: The IoT brings your devices together through sensors, internet and interconnections between equipment. By using IoT in your automated brewing control, you can gain more comprehensive control and oversight of your systems by allowing machines to communicate with each other and with brewery management. 

How zenon automates batch and brewing control

zenon has a wide range of capabilities to help manufacturers gain greater control and flexibility with their operations. Here are some of the ways it can help your brewery:


  • Ergonomic and user-friendly : Benefit from comprehensive usability! You won't need any special automation knowledge to use our intuitive software.
  • Based on ISA-88 standards: zenon is designed for the separation of equipment and procedural control, an important principle in ISA-88 standards.
  • Cost-efficient flexibility for batch production: The ISA-88 separation offers flexibility and affordability when you need to make changes in your batch production.
  • Trouble-free integration into existing or new systems: Get started quicker with high compatibility for your current systems and over 300 native drivers.
  • Communication with other production systems: zenon works with a wide range of production systems, so you can stay connected even with heterogeneous systems.
  • Connection to ERP systems: Build up a smart system architecture for seamless digital use and access to cohesive, accurate information.
  • Process visualization: Gaining a complete image of your manufacturing operation is simple with zenon, which creates easy-to-understand graphical representations of your equipment.
  • Alarm and event management: zenon features intelligent alarm administration and monitoring, so you stay on top of problems and respond appropriately.
  • HTML5 visualization: HTML5 enables comprehensive visualization from mobile devices.
  • Trend curves analysis: Get ahead of the competition with powerful analytics features, like trend curves, to help you anticipate and prepare for changes in demand.
  • Batch reporting: Understand how your brewing and packing equipment is working and what you can do to improve operations with advanced reporting capabilities.



The zenon advantage

Make sure every batch comes out as planned, visualize your entire setup and collect valuable production data with zenon's automated batch control for breweries. zenon comes from COPA-DATA, a trusted provider that's been building solutions since 1987, complete with continuous improvements and updated algorithms. To learn more about incorporating zenon into your brewery, contact us at COPA-DATA today.


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