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Using zenon for Beer Brewing Automation

How to get more out of your brewing process with zenon


Good beer requires more than just water, hops and malt. Many people call brewing a science or even an art. It requires experience and intuition of the master brewer. It also requires a lot of creativity, which is especially needed in today's booming craft beer industry. However, the basis is always the process that ensures a consistent quality and taste.

Using zenon in breweries

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Using zenon in breweries

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zenon gives you new approaches for flexibly controlling and monitoring beer production. You have the freedom to use the latest technologies, regardless of the hardware used. Thanks to the flexible automation of batch processes, you can quickly implement new ideas and refine creations. Master brewers can also use zenon to efficiently control their own custom brewing processes, even in small batches.


No special hardware required

zenon can easily be implemented in existing, even heterogeneous, hardware. This independence makes it easier to integrate it into existing processes and reduces the costs of investment, maintenance and spare parts.


Different types of beer on one system? No problem

PLC-based recipe control systems are inflexible and make it difficult to implement new recipe ideas. However, zenon is based on the standard ISA-88 for the control of batch processes. In this way, equipment components can be flexibly used for different recipes. This supports the master brewer's creativity and makes it possible to easily produce different types of beer on one system. The master brewer can implement new recipes without the equipment needing to be programmed. It is an important competitive advantage for breweries.


Flexible and practical

Breweries have to keep up the times. Processes or modernizations are constantly required. zenon supports these changes flexibly and efficiently. The system offers the required functionalities out-of-the-box. For example, recipe processes can be parameterized in zenon, which does not require any specific programming or IT expertise. Changes or extensions can easily be flexibly implemented so that the equipment remains state-of-the-art in a cost-effective manner and the beer's taste meets the market requirements.


The brewing process under control

zenon offers you a whole range of tools to be used for process monitoring, visualization and analysis. These include the Worldview for the clear representation of large equipment, 3D models of the equipment for a fast fault locating or the Process Recorder to easily view past processes. In addition, zenon gives you trends, dashboards and a comprehensive integrating reporting, such as with reports about the batches just produced, which are available at the push of a button. Users therefore have complete control at all times - from recipe management to ongoing production to subsequent analysis. Quality and throughput are consistently ensured.


Competitive, even in the future

zenon is compatible with many hardware and software technologies and has open interfaces, such as for ERP solutions or mobile end devices. This allows for the long-term oriented and cost-effective projecting of processes and easy expansion with new functionalities, representations or maintenance concepts. So you can brew competitively - even with constant changes in the market.