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Optimize Pharmaceutical Packaging Management with zenon

From production to packaging


For product packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, zenon offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions for controlling, monitoring and visualizing machines and equipment.

Optimize packaging with zenon

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Optimize packaging with zenon

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zenon controls, monitors, visualizes and saves data according to requirements for the international pharmaceutical industry. Naturally, this also applies to packaging systems. The standards-compliant solutions are scalable so that you can continuously improve and expand your processes while zenon grows along with it.


Accurate information


zenon offers you many visualization functions and possibilities. You can control processes via recipe management or Batch Control, which offer a particularly user-friendly graphical interface.


Equipment-agnostic access to visualization, alarms or key figures can also be done remotely, e.g. you can access the process via HTML5 and a normal browser. This increases portability and everyone involved in the process receives exactly the information that they need for their task – nothing more, nothing less. User administration is thoroughly integrated, and it limits access rights according to the operator’s role and prevents intentional or unintentional tampering.


All technologies under one roof


zenon is open and independent. Thanks to the numerous drivers, you can integrate packaging systems with many different PLCs, drives, measuring equipment, inspection and camera systems, irrespective of whether the equipment is old, existing or new and irrespective of the manufacturer. Data silos are a thing of the past. It provides you with a holistic view of the entire production process, including packaging. You will recognize connections and dependencies, therefore allowing you to optimize processes and get even more out of your equipment.


Capacity for internationalization


zenon can operate internationally without a problem. zenon supports many different PLC systems in project engineering, even if various preferences are predominant at a local level. Measuring units and languages can be altered in the finished application during ongoing operation, and the system can be adapted to customer or local requirements.


Integrated compliance from the onset


Not only does zenon meet the highest quality and robustness requirements, but it also offers full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 as standard. Whether as a standalone or integrated system, it includes a chronological event list, test logs, alarms, historian, access control, data export, reports and much more. The applications also comply with Annex 11 of the EU GMP guidelines. As a configurable system, it meets the requirements of GAMP5 Software Category 4, allowing for economical, flawless and effective compliance for every project.