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Ergonomics for the user [4/4]

Ergonomic operation also means being able to react quickly and correctly. Being optimally informed is the basis required to make the right decisions. zenon supports you optimally in distinguishing the important from the unimportant, being proactively informed or finding the required information quickly – from the HMI through to management level.

Ergonomic Information

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Ergonomic Information

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Monitor resolutions

Different display setups (monitor profiles) for different PC systems portray projects to different monitor types with different resolutions with no problems.

Fast Facts

  • Provides information regardless of device used
  • Consistent data collection, evaluation and presentation
  • Reporting of HMI up to management level

Dynamic trend element

The trend element is included as standard in zenon and can display data online without saving or data stored on a hard drive. The curve colors and forms can be freely adjusted. All curves are scaled as a percentage of the measuring range resolution of the variable.


Report Generator

The Report Generator is for the documentation, analysis and presentation of process data. It is fully integrated into zenon with an easy-to-use interface. It is also possible to access all online and archive data, such as alarm and event management entries (AML/CEL) and the zenon recipe data. The reports created in the development environment can be displayed, edited, recreated, printed or exported, for example time-controlled in the background.

Report Viewer

The new Report Viewer offers full graphic reporting for the HMI, based on Microsoft reporting technology. Regardless of whether it is batch reports, graphic alarm statistics, prompt production evaluations or evaluations of key figures. The Report Viewer expands the Report Generator and completes the HMIclose reporting in zenon.

Archive Revision

Archive Revision is an easy to use tool for monitoring and processing archive data. The data is displayed in a clearly-arranged list: Date/time, variable name, value, unit of measurement, status and also the respective limit value text. Archive Revision allows very quick filtering according to certain status information.

Extended Trend

Extended Trend is a comprehensive tool to graphically depict values in curve form. Recorded historical data (from archives or HD data) can be depicted, as well as online data that is not saved.

  • As many curves as desired, with different scaling, can be displayed
  • Equidistant and non-equidistant values including correct interpolation
  • Curves can be sampled with a ruler (two rulers are also possible)
  • Two time axes can be displayed at the same time
  • Automatic refresh can be set
  • Easy-to-use options
  • Labels for GANTT charts
  • Read back and process data from SQL server

Advanced Reporting

zenon Analyzer, the program for dynamic production reporting from the zenon product family, offers advanced possibilities for demanding reporting tasks

  • Use of historical and real-time data
  • Processing of data from different data sources
  • Processing of data saved centrally or/and non-centrally
  • Calculation of KPIs such as OEE or company-specific KPIs
  • and much more.

ERP-to-HMI communication

As a result of the possibility to communicate with ERP systems directly and bidirectionally, zenon is optimally suited to bringing information from ERP systems to the HMI/SCADA level. This allows a consistent flow of information between the commercial level and production.