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  • COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer operating worldwide.
  • The zenon software platform helps our customers to successfully implement automation, digitalization and sustainability projects. It’s very likely that you've consumed food or beverages, taken some medicine, or seen a car that zenon helped to be produced. Or maybe your electricity provider works with our software. All quite possibly!
  • We exist to make the lives of our customers easier and to make our world more sustainable, bit by bit.
  • As a dynamic, successful corporation, we are continually growing and expanding our various teams.
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What’s clear to us is: Perfection isn’t a status, it’s an ongoing challenge.


What is “perfect” really? For how long can something maintain perfect? Is perfection just in the eye of the beholder?
One perfect shot isn’t really possible. In order to attain perfection, we need to consistently question our work, so we can continually advance and improve.


Why are we able to do this?
We’re ambitious innovators who love new technologies. We’re successful because we don’t only focus on end goals; we enjoy tangible tasks and the challenge that each day brings. We never settle for the status quo: we love to change for the better. Above all, we’re willing to strike out on new paths and learn along the way to reach our goals. In doing so, our customers can achieve greater success as we guide them to an easier way to improve operations and businesses.


How do we do this?
We thrive on our entrepreneurial independence, spare no effort and consciously take risks. We are a team that is open to seeing a “mistake” as an opportunity and optimistically push ahead when facing new tasks. We carefully listen to the market and our customers. We share reflections on our performance, keep our decisions in check, to stay on the right track for the future. This allows us to stay ahead in our industry and open to new ideas. We look out for one another, support each other, celebrate our achievements, and together we gain knowledge and experience for more challenges along our entrepreneurial journey.


Do you ever ask yourself whether perfection is attainable? Do you like to learn new things, solve problems as a team and be creative at work?


Then become part of our team: Challenge perfection with us!


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