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Utilities Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Food and beverage manufacturers have to balance many types of energy consumption. From heating the floor in the winter to powering machinery, cleaning equipment and keeping the lights on, utility costs can add up, but they're also a great opportunity for savings. zenon is a robust software platform that can help you balance food plant utilities and improve cost-efficiency through comprehensive automation, control, and analysis. 



Challenges for food and beverage plants

When it comes to food and beverage manufacturing utilities supervision, each facility is different, but there are a few challenges that tend to appear consistently:

  • Monitoring energy consumption: Reducing energy consumption requires an understanding of your facility's current consumption. This data is essential for measuring your use and gauging success. Monitoring energy consumption also involves knowing when energy use deviates from your plan. If a piece of equipment pulls more power than it should, you may have a mechanical issue on your hands, so alerts can be helpful on multiple levels.
  • Ensuring reliable energy: Your production line must keep going, even when you experience an energy supply chain issue. Managing your utilities requires ensuring access to energy when you need it. Your line can source its power through an energy provider, a generator or an on-site power generation facility.
  • Optimizing performance: As much as we want to save energy, food manufacturing facilities need to meet production requirements to stay profitable and create a quality product. That task involves monitoring how you power the production line without sacrificing essential steps, such as heating components and products to a specific temperature to kill germs.
  • Compliance: You must abide by all applicable regulations, such as safe food production and water disposal considerations.

How zenon helps food and beverage manufacturers with utilities supervision

zenon helps with the above challenges through a wide range of features for food and beverage manufacturers:

  • Centralized dashboard: zenon brings your facility's equipment and data into one easy-to-read dashboard. Users get quick access to top-down camera views, alarm and event lists, trends, key performance indicator displays and features. They can quickly respond to problems and emergencies and stay prepared with productivity-boosting tools.
  • Centralized data acquisition and analysis in a heterogeneous environment: Even when your utilities include machines like compressors, coolers, heaters and water treatment equipment, zenon can bring it all together for easier monitoring. Some of these user-friendly tools include a Process Recorder, 3D models and meaningful report generation.
  • Real-time data access: When you monitor a production line, you need reliable, up-to-date information. zenon's data access runs in real time. This capability enables, for example, immediate escalation of alarms to reduce downtimes and increase availability and reliability of the utilities.
  • Increased efficiency: With a holistic view of your production line and intelligent data analysis, you can identify greater opportunities for efficiency, allowing you to reduce energy consumption and create a more optimized process.
  • Reduced costs: Along with better efficiency and less consumption comes a lower cost of operation to boost your facility's profitability. zenon's load management capabilities allow you to reduce energy costs by automating your energy control, avoiding load peaks and reducing energy costs.
  • Valuable insights: With the ability to collect data from your utility and production equipment, zenon delivers even more insights. Correlating production data with energy and media information can identify losses and issues before they become problems.


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With comprehensive, real-time views and extensive data analysis, zenon is the ideal tool for beverage and food manufacturing utilities supervision. This powerful platform comes from the experts at COPA-DATA, where we've been working in the industry since 1987 and continuously strive to further enhance zenon with the latest technologies and make them available for easy use.


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