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Secure Processes and Efficient Validation Processes – You can depend on zenon.

Safety first! zenon is your comprehensive SCADA solution, providing cost-effective validation and robust operation of your pharmaceutical automation projects, while constantly sticking to strict laws and validation processes.

zenon Pharma Edition

With zenon Pharma Edition, you go for efficient engineering and cost-effective validation while meeting all the international regulations.


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The Pharmaceutical Industry is facing great challenges. Increase production efficiency and ...


zenon for Pharmaceutical

Adam Sury, Executive Chairman, INFOSTER Sp. z o.o.

on zenon:

"In over twenty-five years working as a Computer Scientist, Systems Designer and Programmer, I have never seen such a flexible, open and reliable system as zenon!"

Michael Pratz, Head of DOT/EL2, Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik Ilshofen GmbH + Co. KG

on zenon:

“Our new zenon based application is a complete paradigm shift. The solution works consistently in a process-orientated and task-orientated manner and is extremely user friendly.”

Uwe Heinze, Energy Systems Expert, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany

on Energy Data Management:

"The performance, ease of use and design of the zenon software from COPA-DATA were convincing during the certification process. zenon meets the requirements of TÜV SÜD for energy data management systems to a high degree".

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

on zenon:

"We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications."

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  • EnMS / ISO 50001
  • Validation
  • Usability
  • Consistent integration of zenon Historian

    The recording of process information is particularly important in the pharma industry. In order to handle complex information, the zenon Historian offers accurate data archives.

  • Batch Control for OEMs in Pharma

    ISA-88 compliance in Batch Control supports high demands on OEMs in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • zenon Batch Control: design and usage

    How you can stay flexible and work efficiently in a strictly regulated environment using zenon Batch Control.

  • Industrial Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    IIoT has unlocked an abundance of potential for Pharma companies, but how can manufacturers connect their production whilst defending against cyber-crime?

  • IT/OT convergence in Pharma

    The Industrial Internet of Things offers many excellent innovation opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Industry. This is based on seamless communication between the IT and the OT levels.

  • IoT in the Pharma Industry

    Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory are resulting in radical changes in pharmaceutical production. Connectivity is the key to success here.

  • Avoiding errors in pharmaceutical production

    The use of mobile devices in the pharmaceutical industry avoids errors and unnecessary costs. Made possible by Paper on Glass and Batch Control.

  • Energy efficiency in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Energy efficiency in pharma production is becoming more and more important. Up to 20% energy saving is already feasible with simple measures.

  • Paper on Glass in batch production

    Use zenon to reduce energy consumption whilst increasing productivity.

  • Paper on Glass & EBR

    With ‘Paper on Glass’ applications batch production can be optimized and reporting gets more efficient.

  • OPEX in Pharma and Life-Science

    OPEX and ergonomics in Pharma and Life-Science are a path to success.

  • Operational Excellence in Pharmaceutical...

    Reach Operational Excellence (OPEX) trough continuous optimization. Deploy concepts like Lean Management and Six Sigma with zenon.

  • Batch Control

    Hardware independence, superior usability and comprehensive functionality make your batch production ergonomic.

  • zenon and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

    Create compliant HMI/SCADA projects in a framework of regulation with zenon. Manages validated projects efficiently with built in functionalities.

  • Video - FDA 21 CFR 11 - validation efficient...

    Watch the video about efficient validation in Part 11 environments.

  • Taming the Validation Monster with zenon Pharma...

    Cope effectively with the challenges of Regulation with zenon Pharma Edition - the automation software which helps you to bring down validation effort significantly.

  • Removing hurdles between equipment and user...

    The two philosophies of Multi-Touch and zenon Batch Control aim at removing the hurdles between the equipment, the process and the user.

  • Facing the challenges in the Pharmaceutical...

    Innovation, Regulation (FDA 21 CFR part 11) and the ‘patent cliff’. A wind of change is blowing through the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Part 1 - Pharmaceutical Automation Roundtable

    Read what COPA-DATA can contribute to pharmaceutical automation.

  • Part 2 - Pharmaceutical Automation Roundtable

    COPA-DATA's comment on the outcome of the Pharmaceutical Automation Roundtable and the possibilities of zenon in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Part 3 - Pharmaceutical Automation Roundtable

    The ease of integration in existing systems contributes to overall efficiency.

  • ISO 50001 and compliance

    zenon simplifies the way to ISO 50001 certification in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • ISO 50001 in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Successfully implement and certify ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems for regulated processes in pharmaceutical production.

  • Everywhere App by zenon for your Smartphone

    The Everywhere App by zenon - This is how you can have your production under control at any time.

  • Energy Data Management with zenon

    Evaluate energy data, optimize equipment and reduce energy costs with zenon.

  • What you need to know about the ISO 50001...

    Our White Paper gives you an overview of the most common questions about an ISO 50001:2011 certification.

  • Ergonomics in Automation

    When you think about Automation do you connect it to machinery and equipment? That is correct of course, but there is more to it!

  • Profitable Engineering for HMI SCADA projects

    Reduce your engineering times by up to 80%. zenon is solely oriented in supporting you for quick engineering.


Stable and safe

Only a robust equipment environment is efficient. Using remote maintenance and Hot Reload functions zenon can offer smooth servicing, control and update processes - without restarting the Runtime, without an equipment stop. This ensures increased availability and stability whilst providing maximum data security.




Security through usability

The key to improved equipment security? The user gains uncompromising orientation - with zenon.  Because more usability shortens training times, increases attention and ensures quicker and more efficient reactions in work processes.


Security and protection

Strong network encryption, comprehensive user management and worldwide unique security mechanisms protect your zenon network. Your equipment runs safely and your mind can be at ease.


Count on maximum security in HMI/SCADA and contact us!


User friendly and flexible

zenon offers equipment efficiency starting with the user. An individual workstation is the key to ergonomic and efficient working. Adjust projects according to individual user needs, in advance or during running operations - so you can create future-oriented jobs. New employees are quickly trained and error-free control ensures effective equipment operations.




Usability allows for efficiency

The modern design and up-to-date, intuitive control, by means of Multitouch gestures familiar from tablet computers and Smart phones, offer the user a more interesting way of working. For increased attention and faster response times in operations? Thus optimization potential can be more quickly recognized and implemented.


Ergonomics for all

zenon ensures efficient control of equipment whilst allowing for the separation of design and functionalities.  Therefore, the most diverse corporate design requirements can be fulfilled and any desired language can be easily integrated.


Find out more about zenon and contact us!


Open and fully integratable

You need to combine zenon with an existing equipment environment? No problem. If it be an upgrade, a conversion or an enhancement - with zenon you need not re-invent the wheel, you can save time and costs for equipment integration.





Update your equipment to the latest standards in technology, utilize existing infrastructures and bring the best performance out of existing machine parks.


Open and flexible

Over 300 different communication protocols are available in order to easily and smoothly integrate machinery into existing systems.  Just as versatile as using existing hardware, zenon also communicates with software systems such as ERPs or third-party databases.  No more information islands with zenon - instead, a continuous data exchange is achieved across systems.  Advantages which many companies have already gained from in the AutomotiveFood & BeverageEnergy and Pharmaceutical as well as further industries.


More efficiency and ergonomics in the HMI/SCADA area - contact one of our representatives!

Paper on Glass

Fact Sheet

Paper on Glass

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zenon in Pharmaceutical


zenon in Pharmaceutical

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Success Stories
White Papers
zenon Pharma Edition

zenon Pharma Edition

With zenon Pharma Edition, you go for efficient engineering and cost-effective validation while meeting all the international regulations.

Efficient engineering and cost-effective validation

zenon Pharma Edition is the industry-specific automation solution that not only addresses all the regulations of the Pharma industry but also enables the efficient operation of production facilities.

zenon in Pharmaceutical


zenon in Pharmaceutical

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HMI/SCADA – easy integration, reliable documentation

Thanks to more than 300 communication protocols, zenon can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Other features include:

zenon enables a safe production that meets all international standards.

Validation according to international standards

GAMP software category 4 configured projects are easily administered with high end functionality. zenon was developed based on GAMP software category 4 (configured projects) and includes integrated, easy-to-configure functions, as for e.g.:

  • Audit Trail
  • User administration
  • Alarm management
  • Electronic records and electronic signatures

Industry-specific project documentation and project comparison
tools generate validation evidence automatically, providing an ideal framework for regulated process environments.


Find out more about zenon for Pharma contacting our Industry Manager.