zenon Software Platform

zenon Software Platform

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zenon is a software platform that makes the engineering and automated operation of manufacturing and infrastructure equipment incredibly easy. Whether working in manufacturing or in the energy industry, zenon can help you reach and sustain your operational goals.

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Comprehensive software platform for manufacturing and energy

zenon ensures that equipment runs reliably, flexibly and efficiently. Decision makers, engineers and operators in manufacturing companies and in energy distribution use the abilities of this comprehensive software platform to connect all relevant areas, from project creation through to maintenance. As a result, overall equipment effectiveness can be increased.


Empowering people

Using zenon, all users – from production through to management – can create synergies and make a sustainable impact on business in a measurable and positive way.

Enabling the digital transformation

The digital age presents us with some huge challenges: controlling the tidal wave of data, ensuring that processes can be compared across different locations and countries, and – ideally – finding ways to standardize processes. In response, companies must identify the right solutions to these challenges in order to achieve success. The zenon Software Platform offers an integrated environment that covers everything from data recording and machine operation through to business intelligence applications. Even complex architectures are scalable and easy to maintain. zenon IIoT Services makes it possible to network equipment across locations, harmonize processes, and integrate third-party systems and IoT devices with ease. So your company can take its digital transformation in its stride.



zenon Software Platform


zenon Software Platform

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zenon's annual release cycles offer a disciplined approach to introducing new features and capabilities. Learn more about the most recent updates.

The IoT and IIoT are two of the leading technologies in the digitization revolution. Learn how they work and how your organization can leverage their capabilities using zenon Software Platform.

With zenon a small staff of operation personnel can operate even the most complex processes from a central control room.