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Automatic Line Coloring (ALC)

Automatic Line Coloring

Display power and fluid flows clearly and automatically

In a power grid, the status of each and every element has to be clearly identifiable at all times. This is especially critical when managing different voltage levels. To ensure a clear overview of the switching states (lines, switches) across all installed equipment, the zenon Software Platform automatically colors components.

Automatic Line Coloring (ALC)

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Automatic Line Coloring (ALC)

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See the big picture

Topological coloring efficiently indicates how components are connected. zenon comes with an integrated and standardized option for applying automatic topological coloring. Based on a simple line diagram, the software is able to calculate the grid topology and color the respective elements based on their current status. States such as unpowered, powered (simple, multiple, secured), grounded, ground fault, or short circuit, etc. are displayed clearly – without additional programming or script work being required.


Fast Facts

  • Display of different status
  • Secure handling of lines and switching elements
  • Warnings for critical circuits
  • Simplified, efficient engineering

Minimize the potential for errors

If desired, the ALC module can also be combined with command processing. This ensures users see immediately whether the connection they want to make is safe. For example, elements in an undefined or disturbed state are detected automatically. The user administration of zenon also supports restrictions in authorization levels; for example, define whether specific users are allowed to execute commands that override warnings. This provides the requisite level of flexibility without neglecting security.


Project configuration made easy

The simplified, user-friendly software also makes child’s play of project configuration. Once the colors for the individual states have been defined, the graphical elements can be created. As soon as these have been added using drag & drop, zenon automatically applies the topological coloring. Because not every element has to be colored individually, this results in enormous time savings.

zenon allows users to display the equipment on several screens arranged next to each other. Particularly when the networks being managed are large and confusing, it is difficult to display them on a single monitor. Through linking, the topological status is applied seamlessly and the equipment is displayed fully, even when two or more additional screens are used.