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Batch Control Process Optimization for Food & Beverage Industry

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The key to better quality


Producing food and beverages requires uncompromising product quality. zenon makes it possible to optimally control production and analyze the product quality in batch production. Avoid quality variations or failures of batches due to errors in production.

Quality Management with zenon for...

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Quality Management with zenon for the F&B industry

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The optimal quality of the end product requires the consistency and reproducibility of batch-based production. zenon offers a comprehensive Recipegroup Manager as well as Batch Control as per ISA-88 for this purpose. Both are easy to operate, ensure flexibility and support the user in the areas of recipe management, recipe creation, recipe execution and control as well as production analysis.


Integrated quality management

Quality managers always have an overview of everything. They can create recipes and processes and monitor the correct execution of recipes using procedures and parameters.


Analyses and reports about the batch are available immediately after production. In this way, they immediately identify irregularities or quality variations and can correct them.


Authorization levels are created depending on the user’s role. In addition, the system offers sophisticated security features and access rights. They can restrict and record access to recipes, thereby ensuring the prescribed application.


Identifying quality variations at an early stage

Many parameters need to be monitored for quality assurance, especially in the case of complex processes. Thanks to its high level of connectivity, zenon is able to read in and process data from any kind of machine and measuring device. In the process, the system detects any variation from the specified values and displays them. Every user receives the information required in real-time and role-based on a PC, industrial panel or mobile device. With zenon, the quality management detects variations at an early stage and can take immediate action before faults occur in production.


Sophisticated fault analysis

A process, such as the production of a batch, must be traceable. It must be possible to process its past course of action in an understandable manner, even after the process is complete. zenon records the detailed process flow, including all parameters, and archives it.


For documentation purposes, zenon provides numerous ready-made reports, including reports about the Statistical Process Control (SPC) or alarm evaluations.


The integrated Process Recorder offers enhanced possibilities for analyzing faults and malfunctions. It records processes consistently and outputs them later in playback mode, similar to a media player. In this way, it helps you to identify and analyze malfunctions and faults as well as their causes more accurately.


zenon can easily be integrated with other systems, such as with software for laboratory management. Together, they ensure a more detailed process documentation and serve as a basis for comprehensive quality management. Above all, the correlating analysis of the different data reveals the causes for the quality variations and allows for quick corrective action to be taken.