Paper on Glass with
zenon Batch Control

Paper on Glass with
zenon Batch Control

Avoid costs and errors with
the use of mobile devices

The Pharma Industry often still relies on processes that are based on paper documentation and printed forms. Paper can however cause many errors and thus higher costs. As a result of the use of mobile devices instead of paper forms in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, errors are already avoided in the process.

Pharma Paper on Glass

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Pharma Paper on Glass

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Paper on Glass with zenon Batch Control

With the Paper on Glass application in zenon, together with zenon Batch Control, the paper-based process is raised to an automated level. However the process itself does not change. The switch to an automated way of working is thus also efficient for validation. It is actually just the mode of the user interface that is changed, without the production process on which it is based or the validation status having to be changed.


The advantages of Paper on Glass

The user gets precise instructions for each task, for example prescribed user actions, a detailed description or safety instructions. Errors can thus be avoided in advance. Reports, compliance documentation and other evaluations can immediately be created once a batch has been completed. In paper-based production environments, this can take several weeks and thus cost much money.

An overview of further benefits of Paper on Glass:

  • Checking of values that have been entered in real time
  • Reduced Operator Training
  • Batch-to-Batch Consistency
  • Automatic Collection of Data
  • Batch Reports Available Immediately
  • Cost Avoidance